October 7, 2016

Online Training

Online Executive Protection Certificates | Launching in Summer 2020!
When it comes to Executive Protection / Bodyguard training, much of what you will learn during typical resident training programs will be theory in a classroom setting. Executive Protection / Bodyguard training is as much a mental game as a physical one, and our properly constructed Online Executive Protection courses can teach you a variety of valuable topics that you can utilize in the field immediately.

Take our self-paced online training from any country
Our courses are not just repackaged internet information on blank white screen and a background voice droning on….we do things a little different. Our courses include dynamic elements and video, including our on-the-ground video walk-throughs that show agents going through the planning process in real-world protective environments such as, Beirut, Los Angeles, Ciudad Juárez, and other relevant environments. Here are some of the subjects we will be covering during the upcoming online courses:

  • Remote Protective Operations
  • Gear and Equipment for domestic and international
  • The Soft-Skills Academy
  • Situational Awareness with on-the-ground video scenarios
  • Medical Emergencies & Trauma Care gear
  • Tactical Casualty Care & Emergency Medical Response
  • Basic Life Support/CPR/AED theory
  • Low Profile, Covert, & High Profile protocols
  • Protective Advances (with Video of complete international advance)
  • Vehicle & Room space Device Search
  • Route Planning and Mapping (Video of real-time route plan build)
  • International Travel Considerations
  • Getting into the industry
  • GPS tracking devices, low and high end
  • Protective Driving Techniques
  • Surveillance Detection (On-the-ground demonstrations)
  • Entertainment Industry protection & Tour Security
  • Humanitarian Security Operations
  • Corporate Security Protocols
  • Protective Detail A to Z (from start to finish)

The courses will be mobile-phone friendly and self paced. No additional outside books or materials are required to complete the online certificate course. Graduates may attend our resident training programs at a discounted cost upon completion of the online certificate program.

Once completing our Online Executive Protection Certificate program, students have the option to attend an accelerated hands-on training course. Your initial theory and knowledge training will have already been completed online so NO TIME will be spent in the classroom.

Accelerated Hands-on Training

High Threat Protection certificate

After attending the online protective security certificate program, students may attend hands-on training at one of our US training centers. This training will validate the hard-skills and allow SECFOR 360 online students an opportunity to validate their theory training received online. This hands-on training is optional.

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