October 7, 2016


Our training programs provide unparalleled realism and are customized to specific current job requirements. Some of our courses include:

  • Protective Security Certificate
  • Conflict Management/Negotiator
  • International Security Advisor (OCONUS)
  • Advanced Tactical Medic
  • Remote Area Security Operations
  • Advanced High Risk Protection
  • Designated Defensive Marksman
  • Emergency Medical Technician Basic & Advanced
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Air Travel Threat Mitigation
  • Protective Security Driving
  • Executive Protection
  • High Risk First Responder
  • CPR for Professional Rescuer

Our training facilities are located in 4 states throughout western United States including Arizona, California, Virginia, and Oregon. Military Customers CLICK HERE

The Protective Security Certificate course

High Threat Protection certificate

Our protective personnel must pass a 7-week academy which includes evasive driving, tactical and emergency medicine, corporate and celebrity protection, advance work, high threat protocols, and surveillance/TSCM.