October 7, 2016

PSD/Evasive Driving

Our 7-day Gi Bill® Approved, Protective Security Driving package is the most comprehensive program available and provides the most hands-on driving available. Standard Road, Unimproved road, High & Low Profile PSD driving, NVG (Black-out) driving, Ramming-techniques, advanced reverse clinics, and other features make this course the most complete driver training outside of certain US Government units!

This 7-day driving course includes:

  • Extensive Accident Avoidance Training
  • High & Low Profile PSD driving
  • On & Unimproved Road
  • Night Vision Goggle (Black-out)Driving
  • Ram-Throughs
  • Advanced Reverse Driving
  • Skid Control
  • PIT and Counter PIT
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Protective Support Driving
  • Advanced Reverse Clinic
  • Advanced Vehicle Control
  • Vehicular Attack Case Studies