November 2, 2018

Music Industry

Since the beginning of 2011 SECFOR Consultants have provided security and logistics services to some of the world’s top entertainers. We have performed these duties in Mexico, Haiti, South & Central America, the Middle East, East & West Europe and Africa. As Europe becomes  increasingly dangerous and security for artists as well as their support teams traveling to these areas has become a concern, our experienced teams can mitigate risk and prepare contingency planning. In the past few months, SECFOR Consultants have protected artists and tour staff in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Haiti, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Lebanon, and other international locations.

Understanding the requirements of this unique industry requires experience as well as regional expertise which our staff possesses from years of working these types of tours in high risk regions. Other than providing personal security, our staff are trained and excel at organizing meet-and-greets, photo-ops, autograph sessions, transportation, arranging lodging as well as coordinating venue and hotel security, taking pressure off of the tour manager so that they can focus on the specific needs of their artists.

So far this year, our consultants have provided security and logistics to EDM tours in all but 3 Latin America countries and the most popular venues in the Middle East. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide consultants to ensure a worry-free tour. CONTACT US for a quote and for our verifiable references.

Our agents and professional security drivers have all completed a rigorous 53-day Protection Course run by SECFOR International 6 times per year, come with foreign language abilities, and are all certified CPR & emergency trauma care practitioners.