October 7, 2016

Military Education

Custom Training Scenarios – FTX

We can provide a number of scenarios to provide challenging training exercises to your unit. We have been delivering these scenarios at the Carlsbad Safety Training center in San Diego County since  2012. We can provide a turn-key custom training scenario designed to allow your training department focus on skill development and evaluation and leaving to logistics of setting up role-players, pyrotechnics (We are licensed in California), realistic moulage patterned off of the hazards your team will most likely encounter in their regional operating environment. Some key features of this turn-key scenario solution are:

  • Professional Moulage
  • Pyrotechnics (Realistic blanks, Smoke, Mortars, IED, RPGs etc)
  • Role player / OPFOR support
  • Night Scenarios
  • Multi-storied building, Street, and Residential training areas
  • Smoke, Fire and Sound  customized to event
  • Interior  Exterior Simunitions/UTM & Blanks capable
  • No Sound Restrictions
  • Rappel anchors

High Risk Driving – Contact Driving

Our professional driving packages are designed around small teams operating in high threat environments. SECFOR is the only high risk driving training provider set up to train at Pinal Air Park in Marana Arizona (6 hour drive from San Diego). Our training site boasts a 1.2 mile realistic-surface track with cutouts and cross roads off road training areas, three (3) live fire ranges  with vehicle access onto ranges, and a full sized commercial jet dedicated to military training.

Our most popular program is a 7-day high risk driving program that features:

  • Vehicle Dynamics (Proper braking and steering)
  • Dominating your vehicle
  • Proximity and Contact driving (P.I.T & Counter P.I.T)
  • Advanced Skid training & Off road recovery
  • Off Road vehicle manipulation
  • Vehicle Recovery (Kinetic ropes and other techniques)
  • NODs (Black out) Driving
  • Simulated road-side IEDs and vehicle cut-off switches
  • Realistic dense traffic, linear ram training
  • Stacking 2 or more vehicle techniques to clear heavy obstacles

SECFOR owns all 35 training vehicles on site, maintains their own full-service garage on the Air Park Premises, and has maintained a full-time office on site since 2014. Lodging and Meals can be provided on-site. Unlimited access to one-day vehicles for use during contact driving modules.

Other training providers are using SECFOR training pictures and video while claiming SECFOR’s infrastructure and program capabilities, do your vetting carefully.

Contact us at 888.270.1911 for more information or to set up your team’s training scenario

Other Training Programs

SECFOR International provides military and government agencies specialized training and scenarios to augment their existing programs.  Our curriculum is always customized to the specific unit or agency’s mission profile. Some of the specialized courses include:

  • Remote Area Security Operations – Designed to prepare Military/Government security personnel
  • Advanced High Risk Protection – Custom programs tailored for Department of State WPS/PSS positions
  • Designated Defensive Marksman – Specific training to prepare personnel to support WPS teams as a DDM
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care-MP – Advanced Trauma Care certified by the NAEMT
  • Unlawful Detention – Defeating restraints (Military/Government/Law Enforcement only)
  • Surveillance Detection/Counter Surveillance – Advanced detection of physical and electronic surveillance
  • Individual Anti-Terrorism Course – Combines numerous hard-skills to protect against
  • Advanced Defensive Driving – On and Off-road, NODs, (Black-out driving), Advanced skid control, Contact driving
  • Custom – We customize programs to  with specific needs