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    We are not usually a fan of police escorts on detail however….in the 20-plus countries we have worked already this year, I accepted the host’s offer for a police escort once…

    This demonstrates why it was a better bet to use the motorcycle escort to our advantage this time.

    – It turned a 3 hour trip into a 40 minute trip
    – Prevented our motorcade from getting held up at lights or in traffic
    – The threat level was such that mobility outweighed profile

    I still cringe when I see (and hear) the video….but it was definitely the right choice on this run.

    Moral of the story…nothing is set in stone. What you learned in class may not be relevant to the exact situation you find yourself in. I have been at this for 25 years and I will still ask myself on occasion…”Is this best for the client” and if not….what is?

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