March 15, 2016

About Us

SECFOR International provides protection services to corporations, entertainment clients, governmental and non-governmental organizations globally. Our strength lies in our key staff’s vast experience managing¬† and providing security support to entities supporting US Interests in austere environments, and our outside-the-box problem solving strategies.

Executive Protection Training

Our in depth training programs prepare participants for US service as contract or full-time employees by offering training opportunities specifically designed to mimic actual job duties associated with a variety of positions. Our graduates are employed by the US Government, Federal Law Enforcement, and multi-national corporations that support US Government projects domestically and worldwide.

Core Competencies

  • PROTECTIVE SERVICES – Non-permissive environment personal and asset protection strategies.
  • RISK MITIGATION – Kidnap for Ransom consultants and negotiator support for Corporate and non-governmental organizations.
  • LOGISTICS – Security Management, Protective Personnel, Secured housing, translators, personnel support services, base support.
  • TACTICAL TRAINING – Specialized security, medical and management training to qualified candidates wishing to support US interests
  • MILITARY EDUCATION – Critical task training, custom designed to match the unit’s mission profile. Specific training and FTX services designed to validate training.

To find out how our services can add value to your projects, contact us today at 888.270.1911

hts personnel iraq

SECFOR personnel traveling through Northern Iraq